How our Custom Spa Events Work...

Our events allow you to enjoy a luxurious spa experience with head to toe pampering anywhere in the Triangle without the expense of visiting a day spa. Drift away from daily cares for an hour or more as we bring a custom designed spa experience to you at home, at work or at another location of of your choosing.  ​


The Total Spa Escape Custom Designed Spa Retreat Packages offer you 8-10 soothing spa treatments that have been designed to relax and renew every inch of you from head to toe, as based on the specific spa party that you choose and are also age specific. Your role in all of this is very simple. Sit back and enjoy a rejuvenating facial, a smoothing masque for your face, lips and hands, sweet scrubs, rubs, soothing creams, guided meditation time and more! Before you know it, you’ll have reconnected with a side of yourself that was hidden under layers of daily stress and tension!

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Book your event. Choose a date and a place. It could be at Christine's Spa Studio in Cary,  your home, a friend’s home, your office, etc. Pick your theme and check our event calendar to make sure your date is available. 

  • Spread the word. We’ll send you an e-mail that you can forward to your friends or just send us your email list and we can send it out for you.

  • Confirm who’s coming. A day or so before the event, call everyone on your list to confirm they’ll be able to make it.

  • Set up your refreshments. The day of the event, fill in any gaps in the refreshment list, and about 30-45 minutes ahead of time, lay it all out. You might want to lower the lights a little, add some candles, and put on some quiet music in keeping with your theme or we can provide true spa-quality music.

  • Relax into the spa experience. We’ll set up the room, help everyone find a seat, get them started on their spa treatments (click here to see a list of our spa treatments). We'll demonstrate how to use them, provide a hand massage and introduce the famous scalp tingler.


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